Xbox Unveiled Two New Eco-Friendlier Series X|S Controllers

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Xbox Controllers

Xbox revealed two new Xbox Series X|S controllers for the fans to collect. The first one is the new Electric Volt controller that has a greenish-yellow color. This controller will be available to buy on April 27 for $64.99. The other new controller is the new Daystrike Camo Special Edition. It’s a red controller with black and gray camo designs. What makes the Daystrike Camo so unique is that it is the first Xbox controller to be completely textured on the top of the bumpers for enhanced grip. You can get it for $69.99 on May 4.

And this is not it both controllers are eco-friendly. They both incorporate post-consumer recycled resins which are just as strong but are good for the environment.

The colors and patterns of the Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo controllers will also be available on items in the Xbox Gear Shop as part of the Xbox Icon Collection on April 21.


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