Xbox’s ‘Biggest Content Drop In History’ Over 1400 Retro Games

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Exciting news awaits Xbox gamers as a remarkable addition is set to grace the platform in the coming week. Antstream Arcade, a cloud streaming service, will be introduced, bringing a staggering collection of over 1400 retro games to Xbox. What makes this even more captivating is that it will include some iconic PlayStation and Nintendo titles, marking their debut on the Xbox platform.

Scheduled for launch on July 21st, Antstream Arcade will encompass a wide range of games, spanning from the early Atari releases to the era-defining Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, and original PlayStation games. The best part is that all these games can be seamlessly streamed to your Xbox console, complete with instant cloud game saves, online high scores, and the ability to resume play across multiple devices.

Sarah Bond, an esteemed member of the Xbox team, expressed her enthusiasm regarding this remarkable announcement, stating, “Many of us grew up playing these games, so the ability to stream them on Xbox consoles and share these experiences with our friends and family is incredible. We’re pleased that with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub’s technology benefits and Azure cloud services, we can help enable Antstream to reach more players.”

Xbox takes pride in being the first major console to support Antstream Arcade natively, emphasizing its commitment to enriching the gaming experience for its users. It’s worth noting that “native” support refers to the availability of the service on the console without requiring local downloads. Moreover, Antstream Arcade will also achieve the distinction of being the world’s first third-party cloud gaming service to feature on Xbox, further enhancing the platform’s diversity.

For eager gamers, the wait is almost over. Antstream Arcade can be pre-ordered today on the Microsoft Store, with options for an annual subscription priced at $29.99 or lifetime access for $79.99. To provide more insights into what lies ahead, a livestream is scheduled at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST, where further details about the service will be unveiled.

The journey of Antstream Arcade began back in 2013 when it was established by CEO and founder Steve Cottam, a veteran game developer and avid retro gamer. With its headquarters situated in the UK, Antstream Arcade has solidified its position as the world’s largest retro game cloud service, boasting licenses for over 3000 retro and classic indie game titles. Of these, more than 1400 titles are currently available on the platform, capturing the hearts of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Notably, the venture has garnered support from industry giants such as Tencent and Atari, underscoring its credibility and potential for future growth.

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