Xenomorph From Alien Will be In Dead by Daylight

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Behaviour Interactive’s decision to bring the Alien franchise into Dead by Daylight is an exciting development for fans of both horror gaming and the iconic sci-fi series. The teaser video’s shots of the Nostromo and the gradual reveal of the Alien logo strongly hint at a new map set on the spaceship, making for a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience.

The inclusion of the Xenomorph as a playable killer is sure to bring a whole new level of terror to the game. The Xenomorph’s history of being a formidable and deadly adversary to humans, combined with its lunging motion in the teaser, sets the stage for intense and heart-pounding encounters for players.

The DbD roadmap’s indication of a new chapter being released this month points to the Alien DLC’s imminent arrival, creating anticipation among fans. Additionally, the mention of a survivor being part of the chapter raises speculation about the possibility of Ellen Ripley, the franchise’s iconic protagonist, joining the game. If Ripley does become a playable character, it would undoubtedly be a major draw for fans and a nostalgic treat for Alien enthusiasts.

Dead by Daylight’s strategy of incorporating crossovers with major horror franchises has proven successful in attracting attention and expanding the game’s appeal. Past collaborations with The Ring, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Stranger Things have brought diverse and beloved characters and settings into the game, delighting players and adding variety to the gameplay.

The upcoming reveal on August 8th promises to shed more light on the Alien chapter, unveiling further details about the gameplay, the survivor (possibly Ripley), and additional features. With this exciting crossover, Behaviour Interactive continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing thrilling and engaging experiences for Dead by Daylight players. Horror gaming enthusiasts and Alien fans alike can look forward to a thrilling adventure as they face off against one of cinema’s most iconic creatures in the game’s dark and haunting universe.

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