Yes! We Can Now Enjoy Kill The Plumber 2

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Kill The Plumber 2

It’s an exciting time for Mario fans! But it’s an even more exciting time for people who hate Mario too. Why, you ask? Dojo games is back with a new Kill the Plumber game. In Kill the Plumber 2, you’ll get the chance to ruin and kill Mario once again, while trying to get past the nasty villains.

Nintendo’s favourite happy-go-lucky bearded plumber has to face the wrath of eager plumber killers. Poor thing, but oh how fun!

How many worlds do you have the patience to go through? Some gamers, upon request, will do what it takes no matter how frustrating it gets. You’ll go through several different levels and worlds, quite typical of Mario arcade games where the objective is obviously to collect as many gold coins as you can without those damn black bullets and other bad guys getting to you first.

There are 48 worlds to go through. That is a lot of frustration. Or a lot of fun! 48 worlds where you get to reverse the game play. Instead of being on the look out for Mario’s success to save the princess, you have to make sure that he doesn’t get to succeed each level.

Be the villain instead. Get to be a good: Baldy, Spiker, Redhead or AxeDude. These are the most basic villains and you’ll come to find that their limited skills make it a challenge to stop Mario. Larger villains like Hump and Pump or Bighost and King Bowler will serve you well too. Then you’ve got good old Bullettes that fire both ways.

For such a small game, there’s a lot of adventure to look forward to here. I highly recommend this game and any Kill the Plumber game out there for that matter.


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