Yodot Mov Repair Software Review

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High definition video files with higher resolution and a high number of pixels. Nowadays we have many players to play such files. There are many devices available for capturing MOV videos such as digital cameras, camcorders, DSLRs and even iPhones record in MOV format. you can move these video files from digital devices to your computer to keep them safe for future use.

MOV and MP4 are the standard video file formats right now for keeping HD videos on many devices across the technology spectrum. In many instances, the saved video files might get damaged due to many problems and refuses to play in media player. If the video refuses to play and you get scared that you will lose some special moments, then it clearly shows that there is some valid problem with those video files. Now it means your video is now corrupted and it needs some special attention and some specialized software and here we have exactly that software for you. Most common reasons for corruption of HD video files are listed below:

  • Video files can be corrupted because of virus/malware infection or improper download or saving.
  • The HD video files can also be damaged due to transfer errors happens while moving them from one to other storage devices.
  • Break while converting HD video files to some other file format can also corrupt your video file as well.
  • It can also happen because of a system malfunction or application error and the MOV can be corrupted because of the reason.

Yodot MOV video repair software is an efficient and reliable tool which can work wonders for you. The software can repair corrupt MOV videos effortlessly and easily. It cleverly repairs damaged videos and took the minimum input from you. So all you have to do is show the software where your damaged file is and it will do is magic to bring it back to life.

If you have a corrupted video which was taken from your camera of some special moments but they are now incapable to play, If you have googled about your problem and it shows you many, many software which can do just that but we are here to tell you that Yodot is the best software for such things.

We have tried and tested many software to repair video files but we find Yodot the best, it is easy to use and easy to install and configure, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the software.

Some of the special features of Yodot MOV Repair:

  • Yodot MOV Repair program can fix, damaged, broken, inaccessible, unplayable MP4, M4V, and MOV video
  • It’s read-only and 100% virus free features, make it more reliable and trustworthy tool
  • Yodot utility consists of the simple and handy user interface, so even amateur tech savvy can perform repair process easily
  • Repaired video can be verified using the ‘Preview’ option, before saving it
  • To help users, it provides 24X7 free customer support service

 Yodot Mov Repair

It is quite easy to use, From activation (which can be activated online and offline) to the file repair, you can download the software from here, Install it like any other software and after installation, run the software.

Then select the healthy file for reference and in other tab select the corrupted file, Yodot MOV Repair extracts its audio and video frames separately, repairs it and then join them together to generate a new copy of repaired video file.

Once the file is fixed, it gives an option to watch the file and then it can be saved to the desired destination and this is it. It has the most straightforward and simple UI ever.

We have tested some files and it worked every time like a charm.


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