You Can Be a Great Graffiti Artist With This SprayPrinter

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SprayPrinter is invented by Mihkel Joala and he says that he got the idea from the modern car engines and the Nintendo Wii console.

He said, “Engines nowadays use extremely fast valves to spray fuel to combustion chamber. I realized I can use them to shoot paint with pinpoint accuracy.”

The handheld printer makes use of a fast acting valve that is electromagnetic and capable of opening and closing up to about 200 times in a second and thus, renders the handheld printer capable of printing up to 200 pixels per second.

The system can work on a blank wall or any other surface for that matter. The user has to select a design via the SprayPrinter app on the smartphone. The design can either be a photo that the user has taken or any other picture. Once the selection is made, the app loads up the design by making use of Bluetooth onto the printer gun and it breaks it down into pixels.


The user is required to set up the smartphone on a tripod or a platform such that the camera faces the wall/surface on which SprayPrinter is to be used. The size and position of the eventual design can be adjusted by placing the phone closer or further away from the surface or by moving it sideways.

The SprayPrinter app tracks the movement of the handheld gadget by making use of an LED light located on the gadget, thus guiding it when to spray and when to cease spraying. A gyroscope along with an accelerometer are used for refining the accuracy of the system. At any given time, only one can of spray can be used with the printer and for different colors; the user will have to change the can.

Apart from being used for creating artworks, the app also lets the user browse through a community of users’ shared designs. Artists can also sell their designs via this community.


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