You Can Be a Pirate in STARFIELD

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Starfield is one of the greatest games of 2023. Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG has been anticipated for many moons, and fans have been looking forward to eventually trying the game. A gameplay piece was shown by Bethesda Games at the Xbox showcase earlier, but not much has been revealed since then.

The Xbox Showcase revealed information on Starfield’s gameplay mechanics. It was revealed that Starfield would include over 1000 planets, leading to the curiosity covering the game’s scope. Moreover, it was also announced that planet-to-planet traversal would not be a part of the game.

The game already has a loyal fan base, and many have analyzed every small detail from the Starfield gameplay showcase. Fans on the Starfield subreddit have found an interesting detail from the Starfield gameplay showcase. This finding has led to speculations regarding the possibility of Space Piracy in Starfield.


Starfield seems to include a ship docking mechanic, despite a lack of space travel. The image shows some information presented to players while docking with other ships. This information shows statistics like flight systems, weapon systems, and life support system functionality.

Space pirates can use this information to determine if a ship is worth boarding. Players can take advantage of a weaker ship or choose to go for a bigger one. The game encourages destroying a ship’s weapon and flight systems before the inevitable boarding.

Starfield is also laboriously focused on survival mechanics, and a ship pirating system would tie in very well with this gameplay style. However, the details of space piracy stay unclear for now. Perhaps the game will have an even more complex approach to the mechanics, but fans will have to wait for more details.

Starfield is going to be an exceptional game for Bethesda Games and Xbox. Microsoft has been working hard, buying studios to add to an already sizeable first-party portfolio. Starfield is expected to be the highest pay-off for Microsoft’s actions.

Bethesda Games is looking to raise the bar for open-world RPG titles.

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