You Can Bend Corsair’s New Gaming Monitor Into a Curved Display

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Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240

Corsair Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240: is the first flexible OLED gaming monitor that you can literally bend by hand to switch form factors.

The transforming display is achievable thanks to a W-OLED panel from LG Display, which Corsair worked closely with to develop the Xeneon Flex. Amazingly, in contrast to a prototype LG Display revealed at CES last year which used motors to change it between flat and curved modes, Corsair has you manually bend its monitor into shape with a pair of handles that extend from the left and right sides of the display, as this video from YouTuber Bitwit explains. You can even change the curvature of the left and right sides of the monitor independently, which is amazing, even if it’s not fully clear why you’d want to.

The monitor is an attractive concept, given curved and flat displays tend to be more useful for different things. Some people like flat displays for productivity, as they show a less distorted image and are less prone to magnifying reflections. But others like the sense of immersion that a curved screen can offer, particularly for gaming, since, at the right size and distance, the screen tends to fill your whole peripheral vision.

Corsair-Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240

In terms of other specs, Corsair’s monitor is a 45-inch 21:9 ultrawide panel with a refresh rate of 240Hz and a peak brightness of 1000 nits. The Xeneon Flex’s maximum curvature is 800R, but you can pick any curvature that suits you. It supports both Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync Premium variable refresh rate technologies, and there is a bevy of both front and back connectors including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, USB-A, and a headphone jack.

Corsair’s Xeneon Flex has a decent chance of being one of the first such devices to see a global release. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when that might be, or how much we have to pay for this. Corsair says more information about release, availability, and absolute specs will be announced later this year.

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