You Can Out Your Xbox Series X Flat On The Surface

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which was previously known as Project Scarlett, is a brilliant and unique games console. The hardware of the machine was shown off for the first time at The Game Awards and seems to provoke a PC tower-like design. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that owners will still have the liberty to position the console however they want.

“The first thing I wanted to say is the [Xbox Series X’s] design works vertical or horizontal, just like the Xbox One S and Xbox One X,” he said. “We think that it’s not our job to dictate the orientation of our console in your home. That is up to you.”

The Xbox Series X design is awesome and it is different then what we are expecting and it can fade into the background–it doesn’t demand notice or have to become the focal point of a room, it will be just there looking all cool and doing its thing.

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Xbox Series X Specs Quick Look

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU
  • GPU: AMD Navi-based GPU (~12 TFLOPs)
  • RAM: GDDR6 SDRAM (capacity not confirmed)
  • Storage: NVMe SSD (capacity not confirmed)
  • Max Output Resolution: 8K
  • Max Refresh Rate: 120Hz

“When we set this design goal for the power that we wanted to put in, I was not sure what the [team was] going to be able to come back with because we really pushed the envelope on what we thought a home console could do. And I was really impressed with what they came back with.”

“Now it sits in my home [and] it just kind of goes away. It’s quiet, it sits on the shelf–to be fair, I have mine laying on its side–and just where it sits in my setup, it just goes away. And that’s exactly what I wanted it to do.”

Despite all that, the Xbox Series X also carries its power on its sleeve, according to Spencer. “When my daughters were over for Thanksgiving and they came down to see it the actual thing–they know what dad does–they said they thought it looked powerful. They were just like, ‘That is cool.’

“So I was happy that we were able to challenge some of the preconceptions of what it should look like and then really impressed with what they were able to land given the performance that we wanted out of the box.”

All in all it is a good looking console with power of Thor to run the next generation of games.

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