You Will Be A Cat In New Horror Game

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Etched Memories

Etched Memories is a new upcoming horror game created by From Scratch Studios, a two-person indie team, Etched Memories is a horror game that has a cat as a hero. And honestly, as soon as I read that, The game is very much still in development, but a demo has just been released to give you a taste of what’s coming.

“Waking up in the midst of a stormy night, a grey feline named Biscuit finds his mom nowhere in sight,” reads the game’s Steam page, which describes Etched Memories as a *deep breath* first-person and third-person indie horror cat simulation game. “Feel what it is like to be Biscuit as he searches for his mom through the memories he has clung onto.”

The demo of the game is a proof-of-concept, and the developer agrees there’s a long way to go. “In the full version of the game, there will be special locations and easter eggs throughout the map that can be discovered from hiking around,” the description reads. “However, please note that this demo will not have these features and the forest will not be as populated.”

No release date has for the game, so you have to wait for a while before becoming a cat and scare the neighborhood.


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