You’ll Restore Civilization After Global Warming in Floodland

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Frostpunk continues to produce new city builders, as you can see below in the first trailer for Floodland revealed at the Future Games Show today. Instead of the fictional cold-apocalypse of Frostpunk, however, Floodland is set after the earth has been deluged with seawater due to global climate change.

Floodland is more than just about building a settlement after a global catastrophe, it’s about building a functioning society that won’t make the same mistakes as in the past. That means setting laws, and in Floodland there’s a branching series of rules you can enact in your settlements. This comes with sensible policies like water conservation, and food quality control, and one that seems quite suited to our inevitable submerged future.

Global climate change isn’t the only real issue in Floodland. There are also COVID-like communicable diseases, and in the trailer, you can see policies for social distancing, mask-wearing, and even settlement-wide lockdowns. Other policies include a broad range of social issues, like same-sex marriage and labor laws, and plenty of darker options like declaring martial law and even engaging in human experimentation.

Floodland will come out on Steam on November 22.

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