Your 4D Singapore Pool Guide To 4D Results

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4-Digits, popularly known as 4D, refers to a unique type of lottery played in Singapore, Germany, and Malaysia. This lottery game is quite simple. First, participants are required to choose any number that falls within 0000 and 9999. Thereafter, 23 distinct numbers are drawn every time. If any of the numbers you bought matches one of the winning numbers, you win a certain price. Since their invention in the 1950s, 4D games have grown in popularity within Singapore. The game is quite easy to play, and prizes offered to the winners are pretty mouth-watering. Today, you can check out accurate 4d results from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone.

Here’s a guide to playing 4D games in Singapore:

A brief history of 4D

4D lottery first received a legal operating license from the Governments of Malaysia and Singapore in the ‘70s. This encouraged other lottery operators within Singapore to follow suit, launching numerous 4D derbies within the region. In Singapore, 4D lottery games are provided by one major company owned by the state: Singapore Pools. This firm was established in 1968 to help reduce incidences of illegal gambling within the country. Before its incorporation, there existed numerous criminal betting syndicates that swindled Singapore residents of their hard-earned money.

Currently, there are three major 4D lottery games operated by Singapore Pools. These include the Singapore Sweep, TOTO and 4D. These three categories have a slight variation that should be noted. Singapore Sweep is a 4D lottery involving raffles (or sweepstakes) which occurs on every first Wednesday of the month. TOTO, on the other hand, happens every Monday and Thursday of the week. This lottery game employs a simple “6-out-of-49” format and can either be played online or in a TOTO gambling parlor. The profits received from this lottery goes into charity, community development, and similar worthy causes.

How to play 4D games

4D games in Singapore normally organized each Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. When you’re filling a 4D betting slip, you’re allowed to use any kind of entry. The ordinary entry is pretty straightforward – you get to choose one specific number that you predict could be among the winning numbers. When using a 4D roll, you can conveniently substitute one digit with the letter ‘R’. For instance, you could have a 2R45 or 567R. Here, ‘R’ represents a single-digit lying between 0 and 9. This type of entry allows you to purchase 10 Ordinary Entries, which in turn increases your chances of winning.

When using a computer to play 4D, you could utilize the Quick Pick entry that allows your computer to pick out a random number on your behalf. This game became so popular in Singapore that the Government introduced a framework that offers telephone and online 4D gambling. This structure allows more people to play 4D online – all that’s required is a computer and a stable internet connection. The owner of Singapore Pools, who coincidentally happens to be the Government of Singapore, obtains an annual net income of more than S$600 Million. However, it’s comforting to learn that most of this money is channeled into noble causes such as charity.

This guide will help you traverse the vibrant domain of 4D gaming in Singapore.


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