Your PS4 Will Die With Its Clock Battery 

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Nothing good will last you forever, but we usually think that our electronic gadgets last for a long time. Still, they will die because of all the wear and tear one day. If you own the PS4, inside the gaming console, there is a ticking “time bomb” of sorts. The console’s clock battery. If the battery goes, so does your console.

This was revealed in a new report from hacker Lance McDonald which was made in reply to a tweet by Does It Play, an account devoted to video game preservation. McDonald says that the PS4’s clock battery is attached to the PS4’s trophy system to stop gamers from exploiting it.

But because of this tie-in, when the battery dies, and it ultimately will, it will render all digital files useless without a server reconnection. It also seems to kill disc playback. However, changing the battery is possible and relatively easy to do, but there are some concerns that in the future, should Sony ever shut PSN down, there would no longer be a server to reconnect to, which eventually turns the console into a paperweight.

Sony could fix this with a patch of course, but whether or not they want to is another story. We have no idea how long the CMOS battery will last, but if you’re thinking of keeping and playing your PS4 for the foreseeable future, this is something you should plan about.


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