YouTube is Getting a Huge AI Update

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Google is currently testing the use of AI to automatically summarize YouTube videos, marking the latest addition to their growing list of generative AI initiatives. This move puts them in direct competition with other players in the emerging technology space, including ChatGPT. As of now, these video summaries are only being auto-generated for English-language videos.

According to a YouTube support page dated July 31, the purpose of these summaries is to offer viewers a quick overview of a video’s content, enabling them to determine if it suits their interests. YouTube emphasizes that these AI-generated summaries are not meant to replace the descriptions provided by video creators. Instead, they aim to complement the existing information.

Users may encounter these summaries on both the watch and search pages, but initially, only a limited number of users will have access to them. YouTube is actively encouraging these users to share their feedback during the testing phase.

As the support page didn’t include any screenshots, the exact appearance of these summaries remains unclear. However, it is likely that they will contain a disclaimer indicating that the summary was generated using AI and not authored by the video’s creator.

The decision to incorporate more AI-generated features into YouTube aligns with Google’s broader strategy of embracing artificial intelligence. At Google I/O 2023, the company demonstrated its strong commitment to AI, and this move by YouTube is consistent with that vision. Google is also working on expanding the capabilities of Google Bard, its AI chatbot, to integrate with various tools such as Maps, YouTube, and Gmail.

In March, Google announced its plans to integrate its AI-powered chatbot into Google Docs and Gmail. This integration allows users to draft documents and email replies quickly, and it can even summarize lengthy email threads. Moreover, rumors suggest that Google is developing a feature for Google Assistant, enabling it to automatically summarize the content of almost any webpage.

With these advancements, Google is leveraging AI to enhance user experiences, streamline tasks, and provide valuable services across its various platforms and applications. As AI technology continues to evolve, it is expected that more innovative features and improvements will be integrated into Google’s ecosystem.

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