YouTube Launches Handles for Channels

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YouTube is releasing a new feature for YouTube channels called handles and it is a new feature that is created for content creators.

YouTube is giving each channel a special handle and this will be shown on channel pages and on Shorts, it is designed to be used along with channel names.

Handles will appear on channel pages and Shorts, so they’ll be instantly and consistently recognizable. It’ll soon be simpler and faster to mention each other in comments, community posts, video descriptions and more. For example, creators can be shouted out in a mention in comments or tagged in the title of a recent collab, helping them increase visibility and reach with new audiences. Handles join channel names as another way to identify a YouTube channel, but unlike channel names, handles are truly unique to each channel so creators can further establish their distinct presence and brand on YouTube.

Over the next month, we will notify creators when they can choose a handle for their channel. In most cases, if a channel already has a personalized URL, that will automatically become their default handle, or they can opt to change the handle for their channel as soon as the notification in YouTube Studio comes through.

For more information about the new YouTube handles over at the company’s website at the link below.

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