Zero Gravity Chair

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Zero Gravity Chair

Thanko have put their gadget wizardry to practical use here with this Zero Gravity Chair with iPhone Holder, which allows you to go hands-free while you relax… just like a space walk.

Recline back 126 degrees and let the chair’s special extendable arms hold your iPhone 6 or iPad, turning the chair into a home entertainment system.

The materials are soft and have good circulation, guaranteeing a comfortable session in zero gravity. In fact, Thanko has even coined a phrase for the condition this chair induces: MH0G, standing for “Motto Haijin Zero Gravity” (Number One Coach Potato Zero Gravity).

It even has buttons so you become a powered rocking chair to help you get off to sleep. Plus there is a USB port with slots for two devices, so you needn’t run out of juice when browsing on your mobile device for hours on end.



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