Zombie Survival Grenade Pack – This Is Getting Real

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Zombie Survival Grenade Pack

Zombie apocalypse is inevitable after all this gear is been made up and people are so ready to face it, There are some TV shows which already trained people well for fighting zombies and here is the new gear for zombie fighting you must be prepared for this make believe end of the day epidemic. The latest in the Zombie Apocalypse Survival (Z.A.P.S.) Gear is the Survival Grenade. Unlike regular grenades, it will not create an explosion but works by storing an immense number of survival gear into a compact package and ripping the cord will open the package.

It has been designed by a marine scout sniper and includes a steel shackle, load bearing spring clip, wire saw, compass, 3 wire snares, 30-inch fishing line, 3 fish hooks, Ferro cerium fire-starter, large needle, knife blade, 6 water purification tabs and there’s a lot more!

Despite all the items it has stored inside of it, the Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade will cost you only $60. So how many are you going to buy today.

Zombie Survival Grenade Pack  (3)

Zombie Survival Grenade Pack

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