Zorb Human Bowling Ball

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Zorb Human Bowling Ball

The Inflatable Zorb Ball is made with excellent welding machine made in Germany and is applicable for grassplot, snow field and zorb ramp.

Bowling Ball


  • Material: PVC or TPU( which is a widely used material and has many advantages,such as safety, environmental protection,cold resistance,insoluble in water,fastness,shockproof and so on.)
  • Diameter: generally,the external diameter of the ball is 3 meters and the internal diameter can be ensured with in 2 meters.
  • Gas chamber: there is a gas chamber to be left between the inside and outside diameter in order to assured the flexibility and safety of the ball.
  • Safety belt: installed within the ball to ensure there is no injury when the ball keeps rolling.

Size Options:

  • 0.8mm PVC 6′ x 4’7″
  • 0.8mm PVC 8’3″ x 5’7″
  • 0.8mm PVC 10′ x 6’8″
Inflatable Bowling Pins (Ships Separately)
The Inflatable Bowling Pins come in Standard & Commercial Grades.
  • Standard is 16oz PVC
  • Commercial is 18oz Dual layered PVC Tarpaulin.
  • Standard sizes are 2m & 2.5m in height.
  • They both have a water valve at the base to fill with water so they function better outside.
  • Filling the base with at least 8 inches of water to sustain functionality is recommended.

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